The Alexander technique can help you learn how to eliminate harmful habits in relation to movement and posture. It doesn't involve "sitting up straight" (in the way most people do when you mention it) which simply stiffens the lower back and exacerbates harmful tendencies present in most people already.

It' s about learning to clear away habits or tensions that are already present, allowing the body to function in accordance with how it appears to have been designed (well, "evolved" - you get the drift). So the easy and spontaneous movement of young children and animals seems a lot healthier than anything stiff or studied. Alexander lessons facilitate something similar.

To quote consultant rheumatologist Dr Philip Bull, who works at the Chaucer Clinic in Canterbury: "I ask the patient... to think of themselves as a car and for the physiotherapist to be the mechanic and for the Alexander teacher to be the driving instructor".

In recent years two large randomised controlled trials have been published demonstrating the effectiveness of Alexander lessons for people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The results of the ATLAS trial for chronic neck pain sufferers were published in November 2015 in Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the world's top general medical journals.

In 2008 The British Medical Journal published the results of a major NHS-funded trial into the effects of Alexander Technique for chronic lower back pain sufferers. The study established that the technique does reduce pain and muscle spasm, improves co-ordination and flexibility and strengthens postural muscles.

If you're interested to learn more, call Paul Marsh on 07860 175615, or send an email.

Paul is available for one-on-one lessons and introductory workshops for groups (see the schedule below).

Introductory Workshops & Other Events
With Paul Marsh

The next Alexander technique events:

In the south side of Glasgow:
Tuesday 12 December 2017
7pm - 9.30pm
An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
At Pollokshields Burgh Hall
Alexander Technique is a practical method of self-help, allowing you to re-establish a natural upright posture, correct muscular imbalances, and become better and more skilful at activities like music, acting and sport.
This session introduces the principles in a fun and exploratory way. As it will be a small group (15 people maximum), there will some scope to address individual issues and problems you might believe you have with posture. You'll leave with lots of things to explore on your own and a better idea about whether or not you want to properly learn this approach. Price: £25.
To book a place email paul at alexandertechniqueglasgow.com.




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