Links to Alexander resources on the web


• The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

• The British Medical Journal
An August 2008 article about the results of a clinical trial of the Alexander technique in relation to back pain
And a link to a short film by the BMJ about the Alexander technique and its effectiveness with back pain.

• The STAT Channel on youtube
Video and film clips about the technique, including footage of F.M. Alexander.

• Friends of the Alexander Technique
An organisation aimed at building a sense of community among people who are interested in the Alexander technique. Runs regular courses and workshops.

• The Complete Guide to the Alexander technique
More on-line articles and resources about the technique.

Interesting blogs

• Forward Thinking with Brighton AT College
Lots of insight into the technique can be found in this blog by Carolyn Nicholls.

• Alexander Technique blogs
A list of blogs of teachers of the Alexander Technique listed at The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique. .

Health and fitness

• The Art of Running
The website of a book of the same name, exploring the use of Alexander principles in running.

• Swimming with the Shaw Method
The Shaw Method uses Alexander principles to improve swimming technique.

• Roy Palmer
Athletics coach and Alexander teacher Roy Palmer writes about applying AT principles in competitive sports, including golf.

Other teachers pages (& related stuff)

In India:

In Brighton:

In the US: This is a nice video of Ann Matthews, an 84-year old US teacher, working on someone else and explaining how she uses the technique to help cope with physical problems of her own.




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